New Day

New Day


Thirty  thousand nightly deaths
lying in rest every eve.
Weary from the daily grind,
Adding to the impression we leave.

Tired as hell but hungry for life,
we allow slumber to win
over our frail frames of bones
and active brains within.

Day dreams followed by nightmares,
worst day scenarios play out
in forgettable reality.
Suddenly waking to a snore or a shout.

The dawn chorus of early  buses,
door slams and the  scream of a jay.
We see through half opened eyes
the beginning of a new day.

Every new morning begins with a gift
of a day, precious and unique,
not to be thrown away
on trivia, the banal and the bleak.

We all have the good god and devil within
to create our own heaven and hell
on our blue and white paradise,
floating in an endless cell.

Cherish every minute,
love everyone and all things.
Sleep tight and sweet dreams
and see what tomorrow brings.

Phil Portus 2017