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Over the last 12 months, during the covid -19 pandemic and before, I’ve been making short films using my photographs and images along with poetry and music as a sound track.
I’ve recorded the piano track to  constructed bass and drum tracks based on the chord sequence of each tune. I then add my voice reciting the poem. I leave sections for solos and have asked some professional musicians to remotely record their parts. I Then mix the tracks adding any necessary reverb and then search my archive for suitable photographs to make the video. Sometimes the other musicians video themselves playing while recording, so I can add to the final cut.
All these films and more can be found on my You Tube channel.

 RazzamatazzJazzMax  A video of my still photos at Creative Space Jazz with a poem of mine and music I composed, played piano along with Ben Watte (top pro RNCM musician)  on tenor sax ( done separately during lockdown)
We haven’t decided when to reopen our jazz club so this is a good reminder to our club followers.
Going Nowhere Fast  A celebration of Manchester and the circumnavigating M60 motorway also as seen in these unusual covid times. Through my poem I explore places and people connected with Manchester and it’s peripheral area.
Going Nowhere Fast
JazzWorks    JazzWorks started around the year 2000 as a jazz rehearsal band in the White Swan pub, Ladybarn, Manchester. Within a year we had formalised to a consistent 6 piece group ready to gig. Initially we were called Jazz Junction then changed to Hexagon and later to JazzWorks. Dave Skillen sang with us in the early days up until about 2010. We then became an instrumental band but when a singer was needed for some functions we asked Allison Clark and more recently Pete McSloy.
Jazzy Days Are On My Mind   Jazz musicians and jazz fans want to get back to hearing bands play live in pubs, bars and concert halls. This song and music reminds us all of what we are missing and what we want after over a year of covid 19 restrictions.

Jazzy Days Are On My Mind

More of my videos and films can be found:

My You Tube Channel