Phil Shotton @SLUG – 2022/04/19

Phil Shotton Quartet played for CREATIVE SPACE JAZZ at the Slug & Lettuce Didsbury
Tuesday 19 April
Phil Shotton – ten sax, Tom Sykes – piano, Mike Monument – double bass, Andy  Bold – dr. Big band mus dir, Phil Shotton, here with a quartet.
Cool ballads and turbocharged swing numbers!

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West Coast Jazz Orch. @ SLUG 2021-12-07

West Coast Octet play  for CREATIVE SPACE JAZZ at the Slug & Lettuce Didsbury
Tuesday 7 December
Neil Kershaw – trumpet, Duncan Winfield – trombone,
Gair Carsen – ten.sax, Simon Reynolds – baritone sax,
Paul Hartley – guitar, Eileen Guppy – pn,
Ben Wiltshire – bass, Andrew Bold – drums.
Cool West Coast big band style jazz .

Gig at the Slug & Lettuce, Didsbury – 2021-12-07

EFIAP Gallery 2013

Wilmslow Symphony Orchestra – Rehearsal – 10-02-2017

Really enjoyable evening last night taking rehearsal photographs of the Wilmslow Symphony Orchestra at Honford Hall, Handforth. The rehearsals were conducted and led by prof Edward Gregson – formerly principal at the RNCM with Rob Buckland as alto sax soloist in Glazunov saxophone concerto. Later in the evening they rehearsed Tchaikovsky Overture Romeo and Juliet. The full performance with Shostakovitch Symphony no 10 will be on Sat 18th Feb 2017 at Wilmslow Leisure centre.
More pics:-…/philportu…/albums/72157676608589454

GSD Ensemble -Chorlton Arts Fest -21-May 2016

European Union at Bridgewater Hall (20-05-2016)

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JazzWorks – Photos and promo

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Phil Portus 2016--5

Slug & Lettuce Jazz -ALL

Kyran Matthews Quintet

Kyran Matthews Quintet

Freddie Garner Qrt. Freddie Garner Qrt. Freddie Garner Qrt.

Freddie Garner Qrt. Freddie Garner Qrt. Freddie Garner Qrt.

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Manchester Jazz Festival – 2015

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