My Manchester

A selection of some of my images of Manchester taken over the last 30 years.  Any of these images can be purchased directly from me as framed prints, canvases etc.



Salford Project

Phil Portus 1 Phil Portus 2 Phil Portus 2016-1.5 Phil Portus 2016-1 Phil Portus 2016-1-3 Phil Portus 2016-1-5 Phil Portus 2016-2 Phil Portus 2016--2 Phil Portus 2016-2-2 Phil Portus 2016-3 Phil Portus 2016--5 Phil Portus 2016--6 Phil Portus 2016--7 Phil Portus 2016--8 Phil Portus 2016--9 Phil Portus 2016--10 Phil Portus 2016-11.4 Phil Portus 2016-11.5 Phil Portus 2016-11.6 Phil Portus 2016--11 Phil Portus 2016--13 Phil Portus 2016--14 Phil Portus 2016--16 Phil Portus 2016--17 Phil Portus 2016--18 Phil Portus 2016--19 Phil Portus 2016--20 Phil Portus 2016--21 Phil Portus 2016--22.5 Phil Portus 2016--22 Phil Portus 2016--23 Phil Portus 2016--24 Phil Portus 2016-180 Phil Portus 2016-1977 Phil Portus 2016-1977-2 Phil Portus 2016-1998 Phil Portus 2016-2004 Phil Portus 2016-2008 Phil Portus 2016-2012 Phil Portus 2016-2012-2 Phil Portus 2016-2012-3 Phil Portus 2016-2015 Phil Portus 2016-2015-1

Lisbon Portugal 2013

phil-portus-_21590446538_o phil-portus-1_21157384973_o phil-portus-2_21155733304_o phil-portus-2-2_21752311336_o phil-portus-02533_21778303085_o phil-portus-02556_21157378203_o phil-portus-3976_21590438158_o phil-portus-3984_21157248793_o phil-portus-3986_21591416339_o phil-portus-3988_21591416759_o phil-portus-3990_21591417429_o phil-portus-3994_21590440688_o phil-portus-4001_21787758241_o phil-portus-4002_21590441498_o phil-portus-4005_21590286230_o phil-portus-4008_21590286800_o phil-portus-4015_21752179676_o phil-portus-4016_21590443548_o phil-portus-4022_21766595562_o phil-portus-4027_21590288670_o phil-portus-4030_21155611614_o phil-portus-4031_21155611914_o phil-portus-4035_21590289620_o phil-portus-4039_21155612434_o phil-portus-4041_21778436635_o phil-portus-4041-2_21752304856_o phil-portus-4042_21787888851_o phil-portus-4043_21591549399_o phil-portus-4044_21590412270_o phil-portus-4045_21766723022_o phil-portus-4052_21752306666_o phil-portus-4052-2_21157381743_o phil-portus-4053_21752307546_o phil-portus-4053-2_21155737604_o phil-portus-4054_21155738214_o phil-portus-4055_21752308976_o phil-portus-4056_21155739014_o phil-portus-4059_21155739474_o phil-portus-4060_21590416170_o phil-portus-4067_21155740344_o phil-portus-4084_21787894741_o

Liverpool -April 2015

Liverpool April  2015 IMG_5177-Edit IMG_5183 IMG_5194 IMG_5195 IMG_5215-Edit2 IMG_5221-Edit IMG_5226-Edit IMG_5228 IMG_5232 IMG_5237 IMG_5261-Edit IMG_5289-2 IMG_5299 IMG_5301-Edit IMG_5317 IMG_5322 IMG_5326 IMG_5333 IMG_5345 IMG_5353 IMG_5357 IMG_5358 IMG_5360 IMG_5364 IMG_5369 IMG_5372 IMG_5373-Edit IMG_5374-Edit IMG_5382 IMG_5383

Paris -Nov 2015

Phil Portus-2 Phil Portus--3 Phil Portus--4 Phil Portus--5 Phil Portus--6 Phil Portus--7 Phil Portus--8 Phil Portus-01293 Phil Portus-01295 Phil Portus-01297 Phil Portus-01305 Phil Portus-01334 Phil Portus-6476 Phil Portus-6490 Phil Portus-6491 Phil Portus-6495 Phil Portus-6497 Phil Portus-6501 Phil Portus-6505 Phil Portus-6506 Phil Portus-6514 Phil Portus-6515 Phil Portus-6520 Phil Portus-6523 Phil Portus-6528 Phil Portus-6530 Phil Portus-6532 Phil Portus-6534 Phil Portus-6538 Phil Portus-6541 Phil Portus-6550 Phil Portus-6589 Phil Portus-6594 Phil Portus-6600 Phil Portus-6601 Phil Portus-6607 Phil Portus-6632 Phil Portus-6658 Phil Portus-6669 Phil Portus-6686 Phil Portus-6688 Phil Portus-6689 Phil Portus-6694 Phil Portus-6709 Phil Portus-6709-2 Phil Portus-6715-2 Phil Portus-6741

Manchester Feb 2016

Phil Portus 2016- Phil Portus 2016--2 Phil Portus 2016--3 Phil Portus 2016--4 Phil Portus 2016--5 Phil Portus 2016--6 Phil Portus 2016--7 Phil Portus 2016--8 Phil Portus 2016-7500 Phil Portus 2016-7523