I’m really pleased to have just received my certificate for the E distinction of FIAP, the Fédération Internationale de l’Art Photographique or the International Federation of Photographic Art.
This involved me, since 2009, entering and being accepted at 177 photographic salons both UK and international, with 63 different photographic images including 5 awards from at least 15 different countries. Throughout these 6 years I have improved the quality of my photographs and techniques used. I have also seen examples of the world’s best photographers which have been an inspiration to my own photography. I am also actively involved with a few excellent FB groups that offer critiques and advice for entering these salon exhibitions from experienced and well known photographers. I would like to thank, Dave Coates from the PAGB, who collected and coordinated my submission along with the other 149 successful submissions and my many FB group friends for advice along with my South Manchester Camera Club for test bedding many of the images used. I recommend other photographers (both amateur and professional) to enter both British (BPE) and international salon EFIAP ALL IMAGES -Phil Portus